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      With gut sx I usually start with digestive support and food sensitivity testing, maybe SIBO if the sx are screaming SIBO, then will progress as needed to stool, OAT etc.
      But what about other non immune mediated causes of gut inflammation: is there a handy dandy chart to remind me/us of where else to look for causes of gut sx when necessary / salicylate, phenols, amines, enzyme def, food colorings, personal care products etc / , cross-overs – a list showing all the possible “others”, the foods/products they come in, and substitutes. Thanks, Lorraine

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      I am not sure how to create a chart like this more than what is discussed in the module material such as oxalates (bonus lecture) and foods (module #8).

      The problem is these other non-immune things don’t have specific symptoms that are consistent all the time, particularly with digestive problems. Phenols and salicylates don’t common cause gut problems. Oxalates can, but not often. Sandy and grainy stools in some kids, maybe periodic bowel movement pain too. When it comes to infections there are often distinct considerations, i.e. H. pylori causing stomach burning, reflux or epigastric pain. I have not been able to establish anything common thread with some of these outlayers of non-immune mediating aggravators.

      Dr. Woeller

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