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      At what point in the treatment for SIBO should a patient retest?

      I have a patient that did the Breath Test with Lab Tests Plus Doctors and she is nearing completion of treatment.



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      I would wait at least 3 to 4 weeks after to make sure symptoms have cleared, then retest. If symptoms still present, but improved then re-treating may be warranted.

      Dr. Woeller

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      What can one conclude, if any, the baseline of the breath test is elevated? Patient did follow diet restrictions. Is it the change over baseline or the highest ppm of either methane or hydrogen or the combination during the 120 min? thank you, Clarice

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      It’s the combination and total production of both.

      According to Quintron Instruments:

      -Hydrogen greater than 20 ppm
      -Methane greater than 12 ppm
      -Combined greater than 15 ppm

      Any or all of these would be indicative of a positive test.

      Commonwealth Lab uses greater than 3 ppm for Methane, but every time I have seen Methane high it is much greater than 12 ppm. They also use a combined value greater than 20 ppm.

      Dr. Woeller

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