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    I have a client with yeast/mold/and lead toxicity. What should be the sequence of treatment? I would think the gut. If so, when start the metals detox? What do you use for that? What about concurrent supports for immune system, liver, etc.

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    This is a big topic (but an important one), so let’s explore things a little deeper.

    How old is the individual?
    What are their main health issues?
    Is the mold from the OAT or suspected from environmental sources?
    How was the Lead detected? blood, hair?
    Do they have any liver or kidney issues?
    How sensitive do you suspect this person to be? Meaning, do they have a lot of gut symptoms or generalized supplement and medication sensitivities?

    Dr. Woeller

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    age 65
    no health issues – occasional insomnia/anxiety, some back problems
    mold probably from moldy fruit? no mold in home/work environment
    lead detected in QuickSilver Blood Metals panel
    no liver or kidney issues
    no/ gut sx/ no generalized supplement or medication sensitivities (except penicillin)

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    The lead exposure is likely old. However, lead can certainly compromise health so trying to lower it is worthwhile.

    Because this is an individual with not many significant problems I would approach things more aggressively. This means start treating for yeast (which will most likely eliminate the mold too) for 2 weeks, then start adding in metal detoxification remedies. Unfortunately, when it comes to natural remedies there is no one perfect solution and you would have to retest his levels every few months to track reduction in the lead.

    DMSA is one of better lead chelators. However, it is only available via prescription and not as a supplement – or at least its not easy to come by. There is a website called Living Supplements – which carries different capsule sizes of DMSA. For adults the easiest way to have them dose is every 8 hours 3 days “on” and 4 “off” for 2 to 3 months, then have them retest. It could take 6 months to a year for things to normalize.

    There are many, many natural remedies, some of which I have never used. The companies that promote them usually market them as “best” thing around. I do have experience with two remedies that New Beginnings carries:

    -NDF Plus

    I use these quite often for autism-spectrum children because they are easy to take and gentle. The effectiveness…? They seem to work okay, but the process takes so long there are many other therapies being used at the same time it hard to get accurate improvement from just one thing.

    There are integrative medicine doctors who do chelation therapy quite a bit. Many times intravenous chelation is an option. Another thing you could do is find a practitioner in your area who is doing metal chelation and inquire as to their process.

    Dr. Woeller

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