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      I have posted this before -you had suggested 2 weeks Biocidin then follow with lead detox.
      my question?

      with this client – lead toxicity/pathogens/candida but no sx
      since heavy metals can cause chronic candida, and lead is more significant, why wouldnt it be better
      to do a heavy metal detox first, then see what there is to treat in the gut? and treat for yeast then accordingly.
      Both protocols at once would be a lot for the body?

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      It all comes down to symptoms. If you have a patient with bowel problems and symptoms of yeast I would get after that first to give them some relief. I have this dilemma all the time with autistic kids who have yeast/gut problem and high metals. The chelation of metals takes time. Some cases months and months without any significant change in behavior, but treating yeast/gut issues can bring about fairly immediate changes.

      In this scenario, if the person is symptomless and going after yeast/gut imbalances (seen on a test), but you feel wouldn’t cause much of a change in how they feel physically than I agree going after metals is worthwhile. It’s going to take time anyway and most people won’t feel a dramatic difference with metal chelation right away.

      Dr. Woeller

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      thank you

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