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    Nicola Glennie


    Do you have any experience with this product https://www.quicksilverscientific.com/pushcatch
    After listening to the module 9, I am of the opinion that a bowel cleansing program/liver support program would be more beneficial prior to starting/addressing treatment for SIBO. I often find that patients are too weak for the antimicrobials and that it takes around a month to establish basic nutritive support/calm down nervous system overactivation prior to intervention.

    So I am wondering if this should be the first lecture, rather than the last.

    Great course, thank you for the valuableinformation.

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    We have thought about that too, putting Module #9 as the first module. It is something we are considering. Have not used this particular program from Quicksilver, but the general principles are the same/similar to the whole concept of bowel/liver detoxification. We tend to agree with you that working on digestion overall is a great way to go with SIBO, but we do understand too that antimicrobials tend to provide quick symptom reduction/relief for some people. But, the decision is really based on the sensitivity of the individual. For extremely sensitive people doing the support supplements/cleanse seems to work well, whereas with others with just minimal problems you can always get more assertive from the beginning.

    I hope this helps.
    Dr. Woeller

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