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    Jacqueline Walburn

    Dr Woeller,
    Seeing PRP (low casein colostrum) spray with 2 different Drs- O’Bryan & Pampa talking about how it calms & balances the immune system (IgG/cytokines) & how it helps with repairs of developing brain/cognitive function. Sounds like something good many of our client base. Opinion?

    Oh, you wanted me to remind you about Pau D’Arco for candida, etc.


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    Pau D’Arco for Candida as a singular remedy works fairly well. I still think Grapefruit Seed Extract works more consistently thought. One interesting way of doing Pau D’Arco is through a tea. People can do a cup of tea multiple times throughout the day.

    The PRP spray looks like an interesting product. I don’t have any experience with it, but seems worthwhile to try it.

    Dr. Woeller

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