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    Jacqueline Walburn

    Dr Woeller,
    Seeing PRP (low casein colostrum) spray with 2 different Drs- O’Bryan & Pampa talking about how it calms & balances the immune system (IgG/cytokines) & how it helps with repairs of developing brain/cognitive function. Sounds like something good many of our client base. Opinion?

    Oh, you wanted me to remind you about Pau D’Arco for candida, etc.

    GS Immuno Restore PRP Spray 2.5 oz


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    Pau D’Arco for Candida as a singular remedy works fairly well. I still think Grapefruit Seed Extract works more consistently thought. One interesting way of doing Pau D’Arco is through a tea. People can do a cup of tea multiple times throughout the day.

    The PRP spray looks like an interesting product. I don’t have any experience with it, but seems worthwhile to try it.

    Dr. Woeller

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