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    Tamarah Fratianni

    Dr. Woeller,
    I have patients who have required 6+ weeks of IV antibiotic treatment for MRSA, or that have had multiple rounds of chemo for cancer They are left with bowel issues. What testing would you recommend for those patients or empiric treatment. Most have gone to over the counter probiotics themselves with mixed results.

    Also I have a population of patients who have been on probiotics and have stopped because it gave them constipation. Should these patients be tested for dysbiosis and if so which tests.

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    I would do the Organic Acids Test (OAT) from Great Plains for all of them. Also, consider the SIBO #900-C from BioHealth too.

    For those where probiotics lead to constipation, I feel the SIBO 900-C is essential. It could be that the probiotics are adding to small bowel bacteria and increasing methane production which is leading to constipation.

    Dr. Woeller

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