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    Nicola Glennie

    Hi Dr Woeller

    The sensitivity to phenols/salicylates presented by patients isn’t really discussed in the modules. I am assuming/or trying to determine that if a patient has clostridia there is a higher probability of having these sensitivities. Given this, would you advocate elimination of these food groups, or have you found elimination of oxalates to improve toleration?

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    The elimination of oxalates tends to help alot. The treatment of candida, mold and clostridia, if they are occuring, ultimtely helps too. I think the reduction in some of these foods helps symptomatically, but long-term avoidance of plant based salicylates and natural phenols is not practical. The difficulty is many of these foods are healthy for other reasons too, e.g. antioxidants. Our approach has always been trying to determine what is putting a strain on the metabolic system that processes oxalates so that long-term an individual is not overly sensitive to their consumption.

    Dr. Woeller

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