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      32 yo female

      anxiety, depression, irritability
      abdominal pain in am
      burning on bowel movement
      3-8 stools daily Bristol Scale 6-8
      low energy/fatigue/
      chronic vaginal candida

      2013 Adrenal Salivary
      stage 2/3

      2013 Genova Effects
      + Campylobacter spp molecular probe
      + 4 yeast
      low fecal SigA
      Not treated

      2014 Genova Comp Parasitology –
      4+ gamma haemolytic Streptococcus NP
      +3 alpha haemolytic Streptococcus NP
      +4 Pseudomonas aeruginosa PP
      +1 Candida albicans
      Chilomastix mesnili: many trophozoites & cysts
      NOTE above NOT treated

      2016 GI Effects see attached
      need help interpreting/ clearly poor protein/fat absorption
      doesn’t look like dr ordered the pathogenic add-on?
      how interpret microbiome info? re supplements?

      candida – chronic vaginal/ assuming gut as well
      was put on difflucan/nystatin for 8 months as soon as she went off , yeast came back

      Nutrient Testing
      Quest – 12/15 see attached
      ferritin 21 D 40
      iodine 42
      c.albicans IGG 1.8
      c.albicans IGA 1.0
      homocysteine 9.3
      DHEA 348

      + HLA DQ2 – is gluten free

      Food Sensitivities – removed gluten,dairy,inflammatory foods

      SIBO test 2014 see attached
      + for methane?


      avoid identified inflammatory foods
      support digestion: add Betaine HCL with pepsin and digestive enzymes
      support nutrient status: MVMM, + nori for iodine
      replete iron with ferrochel?
      adrenal support with meditation/sleep/yoga
      more testing?
      treat for candida, SIBO, gut pathogens –
      Heal gut

      I am thinking the candida and the P aeuroginosa is what I need to target. The campylobacter from the 2013 test did not show up again – although it looks like the dr did not include a complete parasitology on the 2016 GI Effects.

      Do I need more testing? Have I found the root cause? candida, SIBO, gut pathogens, post infectious IBS (autoimmune nerve impact?)

      Could the burning on BM be Bile Acid Diarrhea? which I have seen in SIBO since bile acid re-absorption is blocked by si damage?

      do I assume that if those pathogens were there in 2013, 2014 they are still there. Clinical sx would support that.

      Do they ever exit on their own. Is there a protocol that would treat all the above?
      Would you use biofilm? in the first class you mentioned you don’t always use biofilm buster, please explain.

      I was considering FCR protocol from Parasitology Lab but have decided against it because Candida morphs and needs a cycling of different herbals?

      would you add in nystatin? I am leary of that because I have never seen a case where there wasn’t a very quick relapse. Yet you said it was safe? and perhaps it could be used as a jump start, complemented with herbals? pro motility supplements, etc.? What have you found to actually work?

      Treatments seem to be controversial. Relapse rates high. Candida and SIBO particularly challenging.

      Can you see why I am taking your course?


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      I don’t see a reply to this?

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      Not sure how this one got missed.

      1 – blood tests show elevated antibodies to candida (which I know you know). Iodine is low (not sure if that is being addressed)
      2 – SIBO test is positive. The combined Hydrogen and Methane is high.
      3 – The fecal fat on the stool could be coming from persistent SIBO.
      4 – Interesting that the Methanobrevibacter is high on the stool which would point towards high methane production.
      5 – inflammation markers on stool are normal though.
      6 – Entamoeba coli is positive too, but not likely a major stressor.

      Treatment – I would approach this case like a SIBO individual, and make sure to have a promotility agent going as well, i.e. Ibergast. Also, because of the imbalance in butyrate the additional Potassium/Sodium Butyrate – 2 capsules twice daily could be useful as well. I think you could accomplish a lot with just botanicals, i.e. Biocidin, GI Micro-X, as well as Allicin along with digestive support (HCL).

      Nystatin could be added in, but I would wait until you see how they feel first on the botanicals. As you know relapse rates with SIBO can be high so a treatment approach in this situation may take a few months.

      Dr. Woeller

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      thank you
      I have her on the Biocidin Comprehensive Cleanse – would you still add the allicin to that?
      I was holding off on the iberogast until after killing phase – should add in now?
      My plan is to rotate every 7-10 days, to use the interfase plus (this is chronic candida), 1 of the rotations is nystatin – although she had no die off with it and no change in symptoms – she is in the second week on the biocidin cleanse
      also adding in Immune Booster per Karen Hubert (Biocidin)

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        I would add the Ibergast to make sure there is good motility.

        Also, I like the idea of the Allicin too.

        Dr. Woeller

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      thank you

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