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      Q: As an alternative to a compounding pharmacist for those with some histamine sensitivity, do you have any experience wtih Daosin – diamine oxidase (DAO) – since it’s readily available and thought to also reduce histamine action, expecially of foods.

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      In a few people. The results are mixed, but there is a lot at play with histamine, i.e. other allergies, histamine load.

      There is some research that show DAO may help with migranes – http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022510X13020984. According to this paper approximately 87% of people with migranes suffer from decline in DAO activity. They used a DAO supplement with 4.2mg of DAO, and even though there wasn’t significant inhibition of migraine, the length of an attack was reduced.

      I think DAO is worth a try, but more of it may be needed in addition to people regulating their diet.

      Testing for polymorphisms may help to identify people who are more susceptible to histamine issues too.

      Dr. Woeller

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