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    Well Tina & I have a common problem/test result.
    I am in absolute shock that after all I have done to get rid of candida, I am now testing positive for these too! But I have no symptoms. Test question: do we treat for H pylori if asymptomatic?

    Things I am already doing
    1. grapefruit seed extract 10 drops 2x/day
    2. turmeric w/black pepper 2 caps 1x/day
    3. matcha green tea w/raw honey & lemon EO
    4. biotin 1x/day
    5. berberine 1 cap 2x/day
    6. peppermint essential oil 1 drop 1x/day
    7. Pau D’Arco 2 caps 2x/day
    8. Cinnamon essential oil 1 drop 1x/day
    9. digestive enzymes
    10. probiotics 30 bill
    11. selenium 10 drops 1x/day
    12. glutamine powder 5-10 gm/day
    13. Bone broth/collagen powder 10 gm/day
    14. Since test, started nattokinase & PRP colostrum spray

    I have not gotten Great plains test back yet.
    Thinking I need to start cycle of Biocidin?

    Appreciate input,
    Jacquie Walburn

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    Treating for H. pylori without symptoms is a judgement call, but we feel it is worthwhile to at least attempt some herbal interventions specific for H. pylori or at least some Matula Tea for a month.
    Dr. Woeller

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    Hi Dr. Woeller,

    I purchased the pylorcil, but for past couple months have had trouble swallowing (I am going to blame the H. pylori or possible SIBO). I wanted to know if I can break open the capsules of pyloricil into applesauce or something, since i’m having a very difficult time with them.

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    Dr Woeller,
    Decided to go quicker route – laser-frequency therapy.
    If you are not familiar, this is using Erchonian cold laser on frequency based on Rife to kill off intruders in 1-2 sessions. If you are interested in these results, send me a stool kit for new test & see if works.


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    I am familiar with Rife, but have never used it. Seems like an interesting way to go. Be interested to see how it works.
    Dr. Woeller

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    Sorry. Missed the prior question.

    Yes. Opening the capsules of Pyloricil into applesause, etc. is fine. It may lose some of its effectiveness, but will still have a positive effect.
    Dr. Woeller

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    I noticed a constipation issue coming on about 1 week before both tests.
    Stool came back w/H pylori & E coli overgrowth (4+)

    I did cold laser for H pylori/E coli overgrown.
    Notice small change in constipation.
    Several days later, started Biocidin.
    After 3 days of biocidin, constipation clearing!(back to moving 2-3x/day)
    Seems more indicative of biocidin than laser?

    PS Finished all Exams, going to post in GPL test for Q’s

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    Where is the laser being applied. How is this process done?
    Dr. Woeller

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