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    30 yo OCD,Depression,Adrenal Stage 3, low testosterone/libido, exhaustion w brain frog from 2-5, anxiety,insomnia, lower back pain, gi sx

    I ran 401H showed H Pylori – treated with botanicals not re-tested
    I did Spectracell and anemia panel- working on repleting deficiencies
    I did MRT for food sensitivities – removed inflammatory foods

    sent him to a functional MD who ran Essential Elements/GI Effects/SIBO (attached)
    I had requested the UOA but he didn’t run it

    pt has come back to me asking about the essential elements and the gi effects – I would like your help in interpreting these tests for him/ the SIBO is clearly negative.

    ? s. cerevisiae ? retest for h pylori what else is the gi effects telling me? would the H Pylori have showed up on this test if it was still there?
    will you be reviewing the GI Effects – seems a test we should understand

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    The H. pylori looks negative on this test, and they are using the antigen so it should be fine.

    SIBO doesn’t appear to be an issue.

    Addressing the minerals on the essential elements is a good idea.

    An OAT would be nice to look for yeast markers and clostridia. I would still recommending doing this.

    The Secretory IgA is likely high from previous food reactions and/or chronic yeast. The EPx is high which indicates allergic reactivity in the gut. This can come about from yeast too.

    Normal flora looks a bit depleted which can drive the Butyrate levels lower. Low butyrate can also create imbalance in the gut with regards to mucosal immunity. I will be going over mucosal barrier and secretory IgA tomorrow in the Q&A session.

    The fecal fats also indicate poor fat digestion which can linked back to the previous H. pylori, as well as current mucosal allergy and possible pancreatic insufficiency.


    1 – what are her main ongoing GI symptoms?
    2 – have you tried to incorporate any cultured vegetables with her?


    -Since the H. pylori appears to be gone I would suggest some Support Digestion from BioMatrix – biomatrixone.com. – 1 to 2 capsules 10 to 15 minutes before meals.
    -Also, their Support Mucosa product is excellent too – 3 capsules twice daily 15 minutes before meals.
    -I think there is a yeast problem so addressing this too is not a bad idea, i.e. Grapefruit Seed Extract, Biocidin.

    We are not going through this test specifically, but talking about it through the forum or questions that come up via the Q&A are certainly appropriate.

    Dr. Woeller

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    this is #416748 – you had suggested the OAT – I ran that and am attaching. Please review and also his post re his current status.


    I feel like at this point I have narrowed down my problem but am not sure on how to address it. I clearly have adrenal fatigue, candida, and genetic detox issues. The problem is, when I take anything that attempts to kill the candida, my body does not detox very well because of genetics and adrenal fatigue which results in massive amounts of die off symptoms. In addition, if I attempt to kill the candida too fast I seem to have adrenal crashes from the die off. A bit of a catch 22.

    Any thoughts? Struggling to find a starting point and fear that the cleanses you recommended are too rigorous for my current state. Any research out there on the best way to treat adrenal fatigue with candida?

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    There is not a lot going on in this test with regards to yeast, at least from what the markers show, but the statement above wouldn’t agree with this. This person seems to be more reactive than what the tests indicate. If anything, I would say there is more of a problem with bacterial problems than yeast. Either way, die-off from botanicals could make him feel ill.

    #42 and #43 being that high definitely point to cellular sensitivity regarding metabolic changes/stress.

    How compromised is this individuals adrenal function?

    Do you know what genetics they are referring too that suggest poor detoxification problems?

    Is this individual also dealing with Lyme?

    Dr. Woeller

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