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      Hi Dr W,

      Interesting update:
      1. after 2 wks on nystatin/2 wks dyflucan, my candida flared worst than ever.
      2. ALT liver enzyme went up 5 pts so ND said no more drugs for me
      3. Protein: blood low/OAT 1/2 0, 1/2 super hi
      4. Eos big jump 3xs normal
      5. IgG low overall
      6. EBV Ab VCA 600 (Donna Gates says EBV root root-cause/puppet master of all including candida).

      Now: oregano oil 4 drops/3x/day + biocidin 10 drops/3x/day + GSE 10 drops/3x/day.
      on day 4 – got my 1st cold in 10 yrs or die off.

      Class notes:
      caprylic acid – pills have very low dose 500 mg where 1 t of MCT oil = 7,000.
      shilajit/fulvic acid = anti-fungal/anti-bacterial

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      Thanks for reaching out to me through the GI Mastery email. The system wasn’t notifying me of new posts and once the course ended it looks like you have been the only one that has posted a new question. Sorry for the delay in answering.

      Since this post how are things going? Have things settled down with regards to the yeast flare?

      I wouldn’t be surprised if your reaction to Biocidin/GSE/Oregano was die-off.

      The Eosinophil is typically linked to allergy or parasite.

      Dr. Woeller

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      Now that cancer has been classified as a fungus, we have serious work to do.

      History: have already tried/rotated biocidin, GFS, oregano, alicidin, ginger, caprylic acid, pau d’arco, colostrum, biotin, berberine, turmeric, natto,…

      Actually, blood microscopy showed huge candida clumps making up about 25% of my blood smear – My worst test ever redefined my new protocol. Never have really had symptoms of die off even when it was dropping w/nystatin (actually felt great) but rebounded aggressively (as expected per research out there).

      Since nothing has worked, took up a new, out of the box, protocol for extreme alkalizing/oxygenating along with shilajit, gymnema (which forces candida back into bud form), berberine, turmeric, iodine, Se, probiotics, digestive enzymes, Omega/krill oil …still keto diet or what I call carna-vegan.

      After 3 weeks, Urine pH has jumped from 5.5 to 8.0 which should cause body to pull deep acid out of organs/muscles to balance changing my internal environment. fingers crossed.

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      There must be other things keeping your body in the state of imbalance that is allowing candida to be so pervasive. This could be heavy metals, chemical exposure, mold exposure or a combination of factors.

      I would suggest starting with Great Plains Laboratory GPL-TOX and Glyphosate test to see what environmental exposures you are having. Glyphosate, for example, can really disrupt the microbiome.

      Dr. Woeller

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      Thank you for insight. After I finish this protocol which also pulls out heavy metals & toxins, I will get retested.

      Jacquie Walburn
      Nutrition/Lifestyle coach

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      Sounds good. I will be interested into hear how things go and the heavy metal toxins too. That is always an area of difficulty knowing what works best as things can be different for different people.

      Dr. Woeller

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