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    Melanie Haddox

    I have a very dynamic.. “hyperthymic” 74 yo who has a very storied life, including being crushed by a horse, which resulted in a systemic candida infection some 30 years ago. He said he was treated with IV antibiotics for months. He had his colon removed about 2 years ago.. presumably because of adhesions, and now says that because he doesn’t have the colon to reabsorb water, he is constantly dehydrated, and apparently drinks more, resulting in him getting up at night to pee (CPAP has been helpful.) He has been given a SIBO breath test, and a GIFX both by me and another alternative MD, but he has not complied. I suspect you will recommend an OAT… (and I suspect he will say it costs too much money. However, my question is whether there are special considerations when treating someone with out a colon. Is his past systemic candida relevant?

    His current med list, though he seems to vary in what he reports he is actually taking:

    Aspirin 81 MG Oral Tablet Chewable Start: 04/11/16
    Berberine 500 mg from DFH GIven 4/11/2016

    Honokiol Start: 07/05/17
    LDN by other Dr. Start: 05/31/17
    lithium 5mg Start: 02/15/17
    Mega EPA/DHA, 120 softgels Start: 03/15/17
    Opiate … occasionally –doesn’t remember name.
    OTC Probiotic Start: 04/11/16
    Prevagen High Dose.. started on own about 6 weeks ago Start: 04/11/16–stopped due to $
    Resmed Airsense 10 elite: 89 cm H20 pressure, F&D Simplex mask

    Tadalafil (Cialis) 5 MG Oral Tablet
    testosterone pellets–other md
    vitamin d3.. has been taking 1000 IU , tests Low, given 7000IU LEF #60

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    His past candida issue really isn’t that relevant, particularly since it was so long ago. However, this is they type of person you could treat based on symptoms to see how they respond. I think at least doing the Microbial Organic Acids Test (mOAT) is worthwhile to rule out clostridia toxins.

    There are no particular special things that would differ in this case versus someone who had a colon. It is still worthwhile treating and using some kind of binder agent, e.g. Colon Rx (Designs for Health) as discussed in the SIBO module.

    If he has GI symptoms, then it is likely SIBO. Because he doesn’t have a colon trying to correlate information to constipation (methane) and loose stools/diarrhea (hydrogen) will be very difficult. Therefore, taking a broad approach by using combination botanicals, along with Allimax/other garlic extract is worthwhile.

    Dr. Woeller

    P.S. Sorry for the late reply here with the system not sending email notifications.

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